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    1. Design & Customization

    • Sample sites are just a glimpse of our design capabilities.

    • Like elements from multiple samples? We can mix and match.

    • Have a unique design or idea in mind? Share it; we'll likely be able to craft it. 

    2. Standard Offer

    • 5-page website: Home, About, Contact,  Privacy, and Terms.

    • Additional pages/features may come with charges based

     on complexity.

    3. Advanced Features

    • Some sample sites have advanced features like

    Google Maps or specialized forms.

    • Advanced elements might have additional associated costs.

    • When discussing design, mention any special functionalities for transparent costing.

    4. Pricing & Payment

    • Design and creation is a one-time payment of $300.

    • Monthly hosting fee: US$10.

    • Initial deposit to start: US$50

    • Payments accepted through PayPal or credit card.

    5. Process & Timeline

    • Upon receiving your completed Website Details Form, we'll send a deposit request.

    • Site creation timeline: 5 days.

    • Review link provided by the 5th day.

    • If approved, the site goes live within the next 2 days.

    6. Revisions

    • Revision cap: 3 (due to high client volume and free design service).

    7. Billing & Cancellation

    • Hosting starts the day the site goes live.

    • First month: US$250, then US$10/month.

    • Cancel anytime without penalties, simply stop payments.

    • On cancellation, you retain your domain name, but we discontinue the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main service you offer?

We offer a 5-page website design which includes the Home, About, Contact, Privacy, and Terms sections.

2. Can I customize my $300 website design?

Absolutely! While we have sample designs, you can mix and match elements, or even provide us with a unique design idea or reference.

3. Are there any hidden charges?

The design and creation of your website costs $300. There is a monthly hosting fee of US$10. Additional pages or specialized features may come with added costs.

4. What's the purpose of the US$50 deposit?

The deposit initiates the site-building process. This pays for the construction of your website. Once you are satisfied with your site, just pay the remaining $250 and the site goes live.

5. How can I pay for the hosting and other charges?

We accept payments via PayPal or credit card.

6. How long does it take to build my website?

The standard timeline is 5 days. After reviewing and finalizing the design, we'll make it live within 2 days.

7. What if I want changes to the website after it's built?

We allow up to three revisions to ensure you're satisfied with the final result.

8. When does the monthly hosting fee start?

The monthly hosting fee of $20 begins 1 month after your site goes live.

9. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime without any penalties by simply stopping payments. Post-cancellation, you retain your domain name while we discontinue the website on our end.

10. Will my website be mobile-responsive?

Yes, all our designs are mobile-responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on all devices.

11. Can I integrate e-commerce or a blog into my site?

While our basic package doesn't include these features, we can discuss additional requirements and associated costs.

12. Is there any customer support if I face issues with my site?

Yes, we offer customer support for any technical issues you may encounter. Just email [email protected] and we will help you.

13. Do you provide any analytics or reports on website traffic?

Yes, upon request, we can integrate basic analytics tools to help you monitor your site's traffic and performance. These are additional features and as such will incur extra charges form the basic website setup.

14. How secure is my website?

We automatically add an SSL certificate to your website for free when we connect your domain. This SSL certificate ensures that data transmitted between your website and visitors is encrypted, enhancing security.

15. Where do you host the websites?

We host all of our websites on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a testament to our commitment to top-tier hosting experiences. With AWS's renowned reliability and performance, your website promises swift load times and consistent uptime.

16. If I want to change some things on my site in future can I do that?

Yes, we can update or change parts of your site at a later date. Depending on the complexity, we charge a nominal fee of $10US for minor changes. If it is a major change talk to us and we will help you out for a reasonable price.

17. Can I move my site to another hosting provider in the future?

Yes, if you decide to change your hosting provider and wish to retain the website files we've created for you, there will be a one-time charge of US$500. Upon payment, we'll provide you with the necessary files and guidance for a smooth transition.