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Agathos-Fides Custom Websites

Calling All Bands And Musicians!

We create cutting edge websites for musical artists:

  • Solo Artists

  • String Quartets

  • Folk Duos & Trios

  • Rock Bands

  • Choirs

  • EDM DJ's

  • Jazz Ensembles

  • Orchestras

  • and more


    Rock Your Digital Stage with Agathos-Fides! 🎸

    Hey there, Rockstars! 🌟

    So, you've got the music, the look, and the charisma. But have you got the digital stage where fans from all over the world can discover your magic?

    Enter: Agathos-Fides, your ticket to the online world..

    Why Agathos-Fides Is Your Backstage Pass to Online Fame

    1. Tuned to Your Beat: 🎶

    With over ten years in the commercial audio and music industry, we're not just any tech crew. We're your tech groupies! We understand what a band or musician needs online. From epic galleries showcasing your gigs to integrated music players for fans to groove to – we've got you covered.

    2. Security that's Tighter than a Drum: 🥁

    Imagine a bouncer for your online content. We serve it up with top-tier website security. Hosted on AWS servers and fortified with SSL certificates, you can jam without a worry in the world about your content being swiped.

    3. Legally Rock Solid: 📜

    Navigating the web's legal maze while you're busy writing lyrics? A big no! We ensure your site is in harmony with all legal guidelines. So, you focus on your music, while we handle the nitty-gritty.

    4. Unique, Just Like Your Sound: 🎷

    Every song tells a story, and so should your website. No generic templates here! We handcraft each site to echo the vibes of your band or music, ensuring your fans feel the connection from the first click.

    Agathos-Fides: More than Just a Web Designer

    Your website is not just about fancy visuals. Think of it as a virtual concert venue. A place where fans get a taste of your latest tracks, check out your tour dates, and even snag some cool merch. It's your digital record label, your online concert, and your fan club headquarters all rolled into one!

    Now, why settle for average when you've got Agathos-Fides in your corner, ready to roll out the red carpet for your digital debut? We're talking innovative designs, sleek user experience, and everything you need to make a banging online impression.

    Ready to Rock the Web? 🚀

    Enough backstage chatter! If you're ready to take the center stage in the digital realm, it's time to team up with the best. Let's create a digital concert that fans won't forget and a site that screams YOU. With Agathos-Fides, your band or music doesn't just go online; it goes platinum!

    🎵 Experience the Agathos-Fides Rhythm – Where Your Music Meets Digital Mastery. 🎵

    Let's set up a non-sales call and see how we can help you create a website to match your sound.

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